Italy, Belgium, Poland, Croatia, France and Republic of Ireland

Posted by Teodora Ioan

Dear all,

In this thread you will be able to find all revelant information regarding the start of Phase C for the following countries: Belgium, Italy, Poland and international countries (Croatia, France and Republic of Ireland). 

To confirm your participation please fill in the pre-questionnaire assigned to your country (more details below) by 9th of December 2015 if you are still interested to join the team. For teachers who have been part of Phase A and B, we will prepare the teacher agreements similar to previous phases as soon as you fill in the pre-questionnaire. 

The Go-Lab pilot activities will take place between November 2015 and July 2016 and will consist by the tasks you can find below. A first online introductory meeting will also take place at the beginning of December 2015 but more information will be circulated shortly.

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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Go-Lab pilot schools tasks for Pilot Phase C (Nov 2015 – Jul 2016)

Between November 2015- July 2016 Go-Lab Pilot teachers are expected to perform the following tasks:

a. Use the Go-Lab repository ( in order to look for an online laboratory that they will then use with their classroom (minimum one).

b. Implement an Inquiry Learning Space (ILS) (minimum one) within their classroom, choosing between:

§  Existing ILSs that can be found under:

§  Adapting and modifying an existing ILS;

§  Creating a new Inquiry Learning Space (ILS) that they will publish and use within their classroom;

c. Visit and use the Go-Lab user support material by (non-mandatory):

§  Going to the Go-Lab tutoring platform,, and trying out one of the offered activities:

  • Attend a new or recorded webinar
  • Get in touch with one of the available tutors and ask them questions

§  Watch the available tutorials at

d. Contribute to the Go-Lab dissemination by publishing or sharing their experiences and activities in national conferences events (non-mandatory).

For both tasks b. and c. teachers will have to register/create an account on Graasp ( A short intro on the Graasp platform will be provided and communicated to you shortly.

e. Participation in the overall evaluation of the project by filling in a pre & post questionnaire (mandatory):

1. Before you carry out any of tasks a., b. teachers are asked to fill in the following pre questionnaire (only one time):

2. After you carry out any of the tasks a., b. and c. you are asked to fill in the following post questionnaire (after every task you perform):

In this way we can measure the impact that each activity you carry out within Go-Lab has on various aspects.

3. After you carry out any implementation with students, ask them to fill in a short evaluation. Links to de the dedicated students’ post questionnaire will be provided to you by the end of November 2015. 


  • Participate in the online/face to face Go-Lab training(s) you will be invited to by European Schoolnet.
  • Be part of the dynamic Go-Lab community which includes teachers from all over Europe and beyond.
  • Have access to a high- quality selection of laboratories and inquiry learning spaces
  • (ILSs) that can be used in the classroom.

Posted by Daniela Leone
Thu, 2015-12-10 20:13


I've started participating last year and I ask if I have to fill in the pre-questionnaire again or it is just for the new teachers who applied this year. 

Thanks for your reply

Daniela Leone - ic9 Bologna



Posted by Evita T.1434951313
Tue, 2015-12-15 08:17

Hello Daniela,

You will have to fill in the questionnaires (pre and post) again for this new phase.

Many thanks in advance!



Posted by Daniela Leone
Fri, 2015-12-18 17:40

Thank you Evita, I'm sorry that I've not yet done it.

I hope I'm still in time. 

Thank you and many apologies.



Posted by Federica.biglino
Thu, 2015-12-31 14:26


the italian questionnaire doesn't work or am I making any mistakes?




Posted by Teodora Ioan
Mon, 2016-01-04 14:19

Hi Federica, 

The questionnaire should be working now!