Introductory workshop on how to use Go-Lab

Posted by Victor Perez

During the firsts weeks of February we will be holding a series of online workshops where we will explore the Go-Lab repository and Graasp, and to learn how to use the different tools available in the portal.

To facilitate the learning process, experienced teachers from different nationalities will be guiding us during the workshop. Find here the list and the language of the sessions:

Date Language Session Request 
3rd February, Wednesday English Click here
4th February, Thursday Italian Click here
5th February, Friday French Click here
8th February, Monday Croatian Click here
11th February, Thursday English Click here
12th February, Friday Italian Click here
15th February, Monday Dutch Click here

All the sessions will start at 17h CET (Central European Time).

To attend, click in the link on the table above and then in flag with "Session Request". You can also do it from the right menu on the Tutoring home page.  

If you just joined Go-Lab in the Pilot C, or you want to refresh your memory, we will post in this thread how and when you can join us. 

Everyone is invited!

Share the news and don't forget to add your comments in the forum if you have any doubts in how to join the sessions.  

Posted by Daniela Leone
Wed, 2016-02-03 18:52


I've seen the workshop by Teodora Ioan today. 

Tomorrow I should do the workshop in Italian. I've translated the slides made by Teodora in my language and I share them: Italian slides 

I have a question:

shall I create the google hangout by myself and share the link with others or shall I just attend using the existing link?

in the second case, I don't know if I will be able to share the screen in order to show my slides.

May you help me and make some tests before starting?

Many thanks and best regards.

Daniela Leone


Posted by Victor Perez
Thu, 2016-02-04 15:05

Hi Daniela,

You have the answers via email.

We organize it and you talk. You don't have to worry. Just go to "Sessions" at the top bar of the tutoring platform and click in "Hangout" next to the session you will attend.

See you later!



Posted by Victor Perez
Thu, 2016-02-04 15:33

Today we will continue our series of "Introductory workshop on how to use Go-Lab" wokshops with a session in Italian.

Daniela Leone, Math and Science teacher at IC9 Bologna lower secondary school, will be leading this session.

These are some of her ILS:



Posted by Victor Perez
Fri, 2016-02-05 16:15

Today on the "Introductory workshop on how to use Go-Lab" we will have Mohammed oubella who will present in French. Have you registered?

Mohammed teaches ICT and technology in a middle school (12 to 15 years old) and computer Science at the University.

He is Scientix Deputy Ambassador for France and eTwinning Ambassador he has also participated in the inGenious project. 


Posted by Victor Perez
Mon, 2016-02-08 15:41
Today, our "Introductory workshop on how to use Go-Lab" will be in Croatian.
Suzana Delić will share her experience and will guide us during the workshop.
Suzana is teacher councelor, eTwinning ambassador and ICT teacher.

Posted by Teodora Ioan
Fri, 2016-02-19 11:18

Among the star facilitators for the "Introductory workshop on how to use Go-Lab", we have: 

Costantina Cossu, who hosted the workshop in Italian on 12th February is a very active Go-Lab teacher with numerous extracurricular activities. She is Regional Representative of the Olympic Games of Science and Italian Scientix Deputy Ambassador from 2013 and teaches science in a secondary school, in Alghero. Some of her ILSs are:

Fatiha Baki, hosted the workshop in Dutch on 15th February. She has been a Go-Lab teacher from Phase A and Scientix Deputy Ambassador for Belgium, among numerous activities in education projects. She teaches science in a secondary school in Belgium. An ILSs she has worked on: 

Congratulations to all facilitators!