Week 2: Astronomy Bingo with Robotic Telescopes by NUCLIO on ISE

Posted by Victor Perez

To make it as easy as possible to carry out an observing session using the LCOGT robotic telescope, we’ve incorporated the experience into a game of Bingo. It’s fun and easy to play: when you see an object you like, take your own picture with just the click of a button. To participate in the 'ISE Observing Challenge' make sure to include your school name in your 'Nickname'.



Posted by Tsetsa
Thu, 2016-05-26 21:34


Did you know, that you can participate at ISE 2016 Observing Challenge. Teachers who successfully complete the scenario with their class (using the demonstrator with more than 10 students) will receive a poster of their observation. More information here:


Tsetsa Hristova