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I was very impressed by the impact on students of many virtual laboratories in physics.

In 8th grade (14 year olds) tested various simulations of PHET associated with the аction of various forces. One of them was Gravity Force Lab ( )
From the virtual laboratory PHET tested:

Very interesting virtual lab we tested was Splash: Virtual Buoyancy Laboratory ( ). Students worked in groups of 4 children and made a film. After the study they said that finally understood  formulas for  buoyancy and Archimedes low. Some of the presentations were uploaded at YOUTUBE and in my blog ( )

In 9th grade ('15 year olds ) we tested Electrical circuit lab ( ). Studies also made a film  and have uploaded to YOUTUBE and in my blog ( )
We tested also

In 10th grade ('16 year olds) we use

I plan to use Radioactivity Lab ( ),  but I have a problem with access to the lab and The Cloud Chamber ( ).

Tsetsa Hristova


Posted by Victor Perez
Tue, 2016-03-15 10:37

Thanks for your contibution to the community Tsetsa. I am sure your students are really engaged with all these ILS about Astromy.

Has anybody used any of the ILSs Tsetsa mentions?


Posted by Tsetsa
Tue, 2016-03-15 13:50

Dear Victor,

My students use online labs at class or to prepare its homework with investigation.

We used my lesson for Movement of planets and planetary configurations with students at my astronomical classes. My students made observation and I uploaded photo at padlet:

and added at ILS, but can'see it.

I needs to improve my knowleage how to share ILS with students. There will be Go Lab training course at Sofia from 2 to 4 of April. We organised it at Institute of Mathematics and Informatics ( our National Contact Point ) with support of director of institute and Go Lab team ( prof. Rosa Doran and Eleftheria Tsourlidaki). During training course I hope will have a chance to learn more about using of ILS with students.



Posted by Ton de Jong
Tue, 2016-04-19 09:58

Dear Tsetsa,

Thanks for your nice blog! Was the training succesfull? In nay case I have seen you have published a few ILSs at Golbaz, thanks for that!

Best regards,

ton de jong