Renewable energy

Posted by Tsetsa

Posted by Tsetsa
Thu, 2016-02-04 23:02
I like a lot of two ILS relating to renewable energy sources.
LEGO Windmill laboratory and LEGO Solar Laboratory are very good resources to use remote laboratories to study the production of electricity from wind and sun.

Solar Lab can find here:

and Windmill Lab here:

I had trouble to open these links.



Posted by Stella
Wed, 2016-03-23 20:37

Dear Tsetsa,

These ILS are great, ant it's great  advantages that they are free online and students can achieve them from any tool at school and at home and this is great cause not always we have enough lab equipment , so remoted lab it is a great solution for it.

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Posted by Victor Perez
Thu, 2016-04-07 14:25

Dear Tsetsa,

Is the problem with the links solved? They work fine in my computer.