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Posted by Daniela Leone


I used the Quiz Master tool in my new ILS and students are testing it.

Students reported that when they answer the questions the Quiz works. But when they go out the ILS their answers are not saved and we can't find them in order to check.

I've seen that Quiz Master uses a Google Sheet to prepare questions. 

Usually when I use Google Apps for Edu I use Google Form for questions and answers are saved in a file.

Is there some way to save the answers of students as well as Google Forms does?

thanks and greeting from IC9 Bologna.


Posted by Ton de Jong
Fri, 2016-04-15 11:42

Hi Daniela, 

We were aware of the problems with the Quiz master and therefore we have developed a brand new and real Go-Lab Quiz Tool. It has many more options than the former Quiz Master and you can find it in the Go-Lab app store: http://www.golabz.eu/apps/quiz-tool. Hope you like it and looking forward to your feedback




Posted by Daniela Leone
Fri, 2016-04-15 18:28

Thank you for this advice!

I tried to replace the former quiz with the new one.

unfortunately I found some difficulties: what I get in my browser is  a verry narrow window where the editing functions cannot be seen.

I've tried both Google Chrome and Firefox, this is what appears in the editor.

May be I made some mistake, but I don't know how to edit. In the preview it works correctly.

quiz tool app.JPG

Best regards.