Help: Questions & Answers

How can I register as a teacher?

The Go-Lab Tutoring Platform support teachers in teaching activities, e.g. conducting online labs and creation inquiry learning spaces. Teachers are recommened to register and help each other. Thus, the platform do not assign a role to differentiate a novel teacher or an expert teacher. Users could register with a new user account or login with their Google user account. By first-time login, you would be asked to create your own profile. 

How can I find a tutor to help me?

You could explore the home page by clicking the logo on the left side of the menu bar. On the home page all users are listed. You could either search a certain tutor in the search box on the header part or direct click the users to see their profiles.     

How can I book a tutor's help session?

On a tutor's profile page, the tutor's help offers are listed with a blue symbol of calendar. By clicking the calendar symbol, you land onto the page of that tutor's calendar and could make a booking to a wished session. The availability of the sessions are shown in green (available) or in red (occupied) dots. 

How can I take a help session?

Please make sure that you have booked that session previously. Please click "Sessions" in the menu bar and you will see all sessions you have booked with a link of "Hangout". By clicking the "Hangout" link, you are able to conduct a live video meeting with the tutor, powered by Google Hangouts. If it is your first time to use this Google service, please follow the installation instruction of Google Hangouts support page to enable this service. 

What do I need to use Google Hangouts?

You'll need a Google Account to use Google Hangouts. Please download and install the latest version of Google Hangouts plugin. The plugin will allow you to use Google Hangouts in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and MS Internet Explorer(IE).  

How can I offer a help session?

Congratulations that you are becoming a tutor! Please click "New offer" first on right-hand links to create a help offer with its description. After that you could click "New session" to create an session with time information accordingly. You could create any session which belongs to one of your help offers. Please be aware that you are not able to create a session without having created any offer beforehand. A help session must belong to one of your offers. And all of your offers are listed on your profile page.   

I cannot find the answers to my question on this page. What shall I do?

This page is still under development. It is not complete. Please contact the Go-Lab Tutoring Team for further support. Thank you for your understanding and feedback.